Garage Triennial Of Russian Contemporary Art
For the inaugural Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art, over 60 artists living in more than 40 cities — from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean — reveal the scope of art practice in the country today.
Garage Triennial was developed as a result of the largest-ever survey of art practice across Russia, in which six members of Garage Program team traveled to the eight districts of the country to meet with artists and ascertain the key ideas and urgencies that are relevant to Russian visual culture today.
To establish the foundation upon which to create a Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art, cultural leaders from across Russia were consulted to understand how the social, political, and cultural geographies of such a vast country overlap (or not). While visiting the major cities, and many towns that have vibrant creative environments, the curators of the Triennial kept visual and written records, which can be explored in this section.